Piers Morgan’s bitter feud with Kirstie Allsopp as he brands star ‘cretinous’

Piers Morgan and TV star Kirstie Allsopp have locked horns several times over the past year over coronavirus related issues.

Location, Location, Location star Kirstie previously called Piers a "total b*****d" in March during a explosive row with the Good Morning Britain presenter.

Kirstie took to Twitter to complain about being accused of leaving London for Devon while her husband had suspected coronavirus.

She wrote: "The last 24 hours has been utterly horrible, full of vile, unpleasant and frankly frightening comments."

Piers enraged Kirstie after he retweeted her post and said: "Kirstie, you’re rich, privileged & isolating in a lavish country home with your family.

"Maybe stop making this crisis about your struggle with trolls & direct your energy into rallying support for NHS workers risking their lives for us all in very dangerous circumstances?"

She fired back, saying: "You total B*****D there was NO need to Retweet that to your millions of followers, it was totally unnecessary and unkind thing to do."

In October, Piers then claimed Kirstie made TV chiefs demand he stop tweeting and apologise.

He told the Mirror: "She got a load of TV execs to call me up trying to get me to stop and apologise.

"I was like, ‘You’ve got to be joking’. It was a very short phone call. I said, ‘I’m entitled to my opinion and I intend to keep saying it’, which they accepted."

He added: "Everyone’s going to have an opinion but you should respect opinions you don’t agree with."

Yesterday Piers reignited the pair's row after she accused BBC Twitter accounts of "frightening parents, grandparents and children".

Kirstie took to social media to tell she will be avoiding the BBC's Twitter account because of its Covid-19 related tweets.

She wrote: "Call me when the BBC Twitter accounts have stopped using this platform to frighten parents, grandparents and children. Until then this is no place for me.

"Covid is a horrible disease, to control it we have to accept all sorts of limitations, but scaring kids is unacceptable."

She previously used a trampoline analogy when discussing the impact of coronavirus on children.

Kirstie said: "Covid is a horrible disease but it is very, very, very rare for it to impact children. They are still at far more danger from journeys in cars, or swimming, or trampolining than Covid. Please do not let anyone persuade you otherwise."

Today Good Morning Britain presenter Piers hit out at Kirsty's "expert advice" on coronavirus, saying her trampoline analogies are "cretinous".

He said: "Of all the people I least want to hear from when it comes to expert advice on coronavirus, TV estate agent Kirstie Allsopp and her cretinous trampoline analogies are top of the list."

Kirstie also Tweeted her anger at various BBC accounts.

She accused them of "scaremongering" over reports that the new coronavirus variant is "transmitting more readily in younger age groups".

Piers' comments came ahead of his and Susanna Reid's return to GMB today after their festive break.

The pair interviewed Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the news regarding schools' staggered reopening.

They also quizzed him on and Prime Minister Boris Johnson's prediction that "tens of millions" would be vaccinated by April.

Sir Mark Walport, the Government’s former Chief Scientific adviser and member of SAGE, has told how he doesn't rule out schools closing.

He also told how children between the ages of 12 and 16 are far more likely to spread Covid-19 than any other age group.

He told BBC's The Andrew Marr Show: "We know the transmission occurs within schools. We know that a person between 12 and 16 is seven times more likely than others in a household to bring the infection into a household.

"And we know that there is a small dip in the amount of transmission in school children after the half term, which then went back again when they went back."

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