Piers Morgan's wife has begged for someone to give her controversial husband a job after he quit Good Morning Britain earlier this year.

The journalist says since parting withs with the breakfast show, Piers has been laying in bed staring at her.

She jokes that he now has more energy than ever around the house as he's not going hell for leather live on TV three days a week.

Celia said: "This is the only reason I am sad about him leaving GMB — well, that and the fact I wake up and there he is, staring back at me morning after morning.

“But really, he used to come back and by 9am was absolutely flattened, lying there on the sofa, catatonic, not bothering anyone.

“Unfortunately he’s got all his energy back now. Please, someone, just give him a job."

She added playfully to The Sun: "Being married to Piers is ­basically one very long eye roll.

"But what people don’t realise about Piers is that he’s usually very quiet at home because he’s exhausted himself on whatever interview he’s been doing."

Despite still being a highly controversial figure, the brunette insists that Piers appears to be more popular than ever.

She alleged that his outspoken comments about the Duchess of Sussex has turned the tide when it comes to being stopped in the street.

Celia said: "But what’s extraordinary is that before it really was that Marmite thing with him — a split between those who loved or loathed him.

"But recently the attention has been 99.9% positive. It’s been like walking around with a national ­treasure. Very odd."

Piers famously locked horns with weatherman Alex Beresford after saying he didn't believe much of what Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey during her CBS exposé on the royal family.

After locking horns in a live TV bust-up Piers stormed off – only to later return having cooled down.

His comments sparked thousands of complaints from viewers including Ms Markle herself who personally complained to ITV.

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