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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relocated to LA after cutting ties with the royal family, but Caprice Bourret has warned Harry that the realities of living in LA will soon set in.

Stunning model Caprice, 49, lived in LA for two years, and she insists that Harry will get fed up of the “very different” lifestyle.

She told OK! that the Duke of Sussex, 36, might struggle to adapt long-term.

Caprice thinks it might be too big of a change: "He’s lived a privileged life, in a castle with people giving him what he wants or needs and giving him protection," she began.

"He’s over in LA where the only way he can make money or be relevant is ratting on his family, which is absolutely vile and disgusting.

Caprice insists LA is a great lifestyle, but it's very different to the UK.

"When I moved out there for two years as an adult in the entertainment industry, I loved it initially, and then my soul was being eaten alive, because it’s soulless.

She says LA can have a real impact on your personality: "People are self-obsessed and I saw myself changing."

Caprice insists "karma will hit" Harry.

The star thinks he will soon miss home and his loved ones back in the UK, once the glitz and glamour of LA wears off.

"In England, Harry has his true friends and his family does love him and I think he will eventually get sick of it and miss his home," she believes.

"It’s so superficial out there and soulless. His family love him and they don’t know what to do."

"But trust me karma comes back and will hit him and it already is."

Meghan celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday, and had many of her famous friends in the US involved.

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