Real reason Elvis found it so hard to be alone unveiled by his cousin

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Elvis Presley always loved to have his close friends around him. Back in 1957, having shot to fame, The King moved his extended family into the Graceland mansion. Aside from his blood relatives, his Memphis Mafia gang of male friends had free rein of the estate and home. However, the upstairs – where he died of a heart attack in 1977 – was his private space and access was by invite only. Nevertheless, even when up there sometimes for days on end, the star would want at least someone by his side. Certainly, he’d require a young beautiful woman to share his bed and tend to his needs even if nothing sexual occurred.

The last surviving original Memphis Mafia member Billy Smith, Elvis’ cousin, had some of the closest access to The King. As a result, he is one of the only people left alive who knew the true man the star was. Even towards the end of his short 42 years when he became increasingly isolated, Billy would be spending hours upstairs with the singer in his bedroom, listening to him as he opened up on his more vulnerable side.

Today the star’s close relative has a YouTube channel with his wife Jo and the couple answers fans’ questions about their private times with him. In a new video, one asked: “Why do you think it was so hard for Elvis to be alone?”

Initially, Jo said: “I don’t know. He always liked to have somebody with him.” Before Billy chimed in with the reason, revealing: “His success came quick and his mother died…the things you think about when you’re alone… The less he had to think about that better he felt. So I think he had someone with him as much as he could.”

The King’s mother Gladys Presley died just a couple of years into his fame in 1958, leaving him devastated. Billy continued: “Even when he was in his bedroom he always had somebody there. Now there were times that Elvis was alone for several days. It wasn’t like he constantly had to have somebody, but he preferred it.”

Jo said how people often point out the star spending days in his bedroom, but she dispelled one rumour surrounding this.

Jo added: “The thing they don’t know is Elvis was not asleep for days and I know that for a fact because a lot of times we were up there with him. A lot of times Billy was with him, just Billy and Elvis. When he would get in one of those moods that he was…melancholy and he would talk to Billy.

“I know him and Linda [Thompson] were in there a lot. He read a lot too. He didn’t just go up in his room and not do anything… His room up there… with his office and all that was big, so…”


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