Red, White & Royal Blue in real life would bring ‘reboot’ Royal Family ‘needs’

Romance lovers are in for a treat with the release of Prime Video's new movie Red, White and Royal Blue.

The fictional film, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Casey McQuiston, tells the story of the First Son of the United States, Alex Claermont-Diaz (played by Taylor Zakhar Perez), and British Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) falling in love.

It's a classic enemies to lovers story, with viewers set to experience every range of emotions as they watch – from heartbreak to happiness, with an added touch of spice too.

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In the movie, Alex and Henry fight back against the advice from senior members in their families and go public with their relationship – and it turns out that could be the reality if this situation ever happened away from fiction.

Daily Star spoke to international dating coach and matchmaker Christiana Maxion, who said that a public, same-sex romance would bring a "reboot" to the Royal Family "certainly needs".

A firm believer of "love is love", Christiana exclusively told us: "We know the Royal Family have a stonewall approach to members' personal lives, but if an official relationship status ensued, they would have no choice but to either embrace it publicly, or let the public and press do their thing (which they would anyway) diluting any 'brand equity' the post-QEII family set up are trying to build after the loss of the Queen."

She joked the news "would have their corgis in a spin", adding that "all historical protocol would be out of the window".

In the fictional story, public opinion is firmly on-side with Alex and Henry, with crowds gathering outside Buckingham Palace to support them as the news breaks.

Christiana told us: "We really would be seeing something first of all 'new' – no public same sex relationships within the families to be seen as yet – and also that would combine two of the world's most powerful families.

"But also could it make Gen Z actually start to care about these institutions – people the Royal Family don't have the support or goodwill from currently. Media gold."

She added: "The Royal Family would become the hottest topic both publicly and privately.

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"By embracing it they'd be showing the world that they're moving with the times, and that's a fabulous PR move – especially amongst generations and communities that feel very much dissociated with the current set up."

But would it be allowed to actually happen in the first place?

Christiana said: "It's all about strategy, timing, and knowing when to make your move.

"While love knows no bounds, bureaucracy sure does.

"The chances of this romance flourishing would depend on a delicate dance between diplomacy, public opinion, and personal convictions.

"But hey, if there's one thing I believe in, it's the power of true love to conquer all obstacles – even those palace walls and stuffy old 'rules'."

Luxury travel might be out of the window though, as Christiana added: "They certainly wouldn't be allowed to travel on AF1 together as we know."

Red, White and Royal Blue is available to stream on Prime Video from August 11

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