Scarlett Moffatt has posted a tearful message to fans after a stranger attempted to kidnap her at a train station after tracking her location on social media.

The former Gogglebox star, 31, was left traumatized by the incident, which details being followed by a man she did not know who snook up behind her and said: “You’re coming home with me.”

Scarlett posted a video late on Wednesday (31 August) warning followers about the dangers of posting your location on social media as she urged people to be more careful while using Instagram location settings.

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Sobbing, she said: “I’m doing this so that people realise the importance of using social media and not always posting where you are,” a visibly shaken Moffatt said into the camera.

“I stupidly, naively, posted an Instagram saying, ‘Off to London on the train,’ and when I got into King's Cross station, there was a guy there.

She went on to thanks two train guards that were on hand to help her.

“Because Danny and Neil were there, I stayed calm, but this guy came at me and was saying ‘Scarlett, I've been waiting for you, you're coming home with me.’”

She continued by saying that after declining his advances, the man continued to try to approach her and called her name.

“And then he followed me and was like, ‘Scarlett, Scarlett, you’re coming home with me. I’m taking you home with me,” she added.

Thankfully, the TV star was saved from being abducted as the two train guards spotted the commotion.

They then rescued her from the man before escorting her back to her hotel to safety.

Scarlett looked visibly shaken as she detailed the horror story on her Instagram

Reflecting on her ordeal, an emotional Scarlett added: 'I think it’s just hit us how actually scary that was.

“But I want to say to you, do not post where you are, you don’t know who’s looking at your stories. But I want to post a picture of Danny and Neil, the absolute legends that they are.

“I’m actually going to post this picture tomorrow because I’ve realised that you can probably tell what hotel I’m in by posting it. Oh my word, I’ve never even thought of this before. Please, people, be careful what you’re posting.”


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