See AC/DC's Impressive Wall of Amplifiers in 'Realize' Video

AC/DC do what AC/DC do best in the video for the Power Up single “Realize.” The clip, filmed in black-and-white and through a guitar-distorting fisheye lens, shows the five musicians simply having a blast playing the no-frills rocker in a rehearsal studio. As the camera pans around, it reveals that lead guitarist Angus Young has a wall of about 40 Marshall amplifiers, which might account for some of the eye-stretching visuals. The track, which opens the album, is a masterclass in AC/DC, from its crushing, lumbering opening chords to frontman Brian Johnson’s vocals about feeling chills move “up and down your spine.” The song is the apotheosis of the AC/DC experience.

When Power Up came out last November, it claimed the Number One spot on charts around the world, including Rolling Stone’s albums chart. Although the band had been through some changes since the release of its last LP, 2014’s Rock or Bust — singer Brian Johnson left a tour due to hearing loss, drummer Phil Rudd was on house arrest due to legal troubles, and bassist Cliff Williams had claimed that tour would be his last — all of the same members reunited for Power Up. Young has called the record a tribute to his late brother Malcolm, who founded the band and played rhythm guitar for it from the beginning; the Young brothers’ nephew Stevie plays rhythm guitar on the record.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Angus explained how he decided to move forward with AC/DC after Malcolm’s death. “I looked at how my brother dealt with a lot of things,” he said. “He could be calm in a storm. Sometimes when you’re in the thick of something, it is hard to make decisions, but you try and go, ‘Well, I’ll try and do the best with a bad situation.’”

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