Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne is preparing to give her side of the story in a tell-all interview about her abrupt exit from The Talk, according to reports.

On Friday’s HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Sharon, 68, will sit down for a televised interview with US TV host Bill as they discuss her sharp departure from her talk show.

During a heated televised discussion with fellow presenter Sheryl Underwood on The Talk, Sharon appeared noticeably tense and frustrated as she tried to defend Piers Morgan and the British press regarding their treatment towards Meghan Markle.

Osbourne defended her pal Piers for saying he didn't believe Meghan Markle suicidal claims during her Oprah Winfrey interview – which then lead to an explosive exchange of words between herself and Underwood.

The music mogul then took a similar stance to Piers Morgan’s and decided to quit the show shortly after.

Following on from Sharon's exit the chat show was then placed on hold amid the fallout from the heated event.

On Thursday, HBO's Real Time tweeted the upcoming line-up on the show with Sharon Osborne as the top of the bill alongside other guests which include Rosa Brooks and Ian Bremmer.

The interview will be Sharon's first televised interview since leaving The Talk.

Though The Talk made a return to TV screens this week, after being removed from schedules while a review into the incident was being carried out, mother-of-three Sharon did not tune in.

Talking to TMZ a source explained that Sharon was "otherwise engaged" and hadn’t spoken to Sheryl since the incident on the show took place last month.

On Monday, Sheryl was asked whether she would remain friends with Sharon and she said: "People have asked me, 'Well, if you see Sharon, what would you do?' If she greeted me warmly and sincerely, I would give her back the same, because we've been on this show for 10 years.

"I want people to understand when you're friends with somebody you stay friends with. And what did Maya Angelou say? When people show you who they are, believe them."

After the pair’s heated exchange presenter Sheryl claimed she had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While holding back tears the star said: "I feel like I'm in PTSD, because it was a trauma, and I feel like I want to get past this."

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