Shaun Ryder says he is one of the most fake humans as he’s had so much work done.

The Happy Mondays frontman, 58, has had his bald scalp and eyebrows tattooed to make it look as if he has hair after he lost his locks to alopecia.

He’s also got a set of false teeth after his crack addiction cost him his gnashers and a hip replacement as he’s riddled with arthritis.

Dad-of-six Shaun said: “Basically, it’s tattooed hair and tattooed eyebrows.

“That’s me now – fake head of hair, fake ­eyebrows, fake teeth, fake hip. I’m the biggest f***ing fake going!”

The musician started calling himself "Uncle Fester" when alopecia struck a few years ago, which he said was due to coming off medical testosterone gel for his underactive thyroid.

The straight-talking star said he thought the specialist didn't want to deal with a celebrity, so took him off the medication and "within a week" he lost his beard, hair and even his body hair – which sounds like a real money-saver for some people.

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Despite also suffering attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and an ­underactive thyroid, Shaun insists his litany of health woes is nothing to do with drug addiction.

He added to the Guardian: “I was a ­heroin addict for 20-odd years, but there’s been no damage off that. I’ve never had anything wrong with me until I was 53.”

He has now been off drugs for 12 years and has not had a cigarette in five, after smoking his first at the age of 10.

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