Soapland is one of the most dangerous worlds to live in, thanks to its high rate of accidents and ailments. The high proportion of killers doesn't help, either. Terrifyingly, some soap characters morphed into murderers at a very young age.

Here's our top five…

5. CLAYTON HIBBS [played by Callum Harrison] – CORONATION STREET

We can thank Gemma for this one, as Clayton was a dodgy old mate of hers from their days on the estate.

He started showing up at the kebab shop in 2016 and harassed poor Gemma for money.

When a confrontation between the pair turned nasty, Kylie rushed to Gemma's defence. The yob stabbed Kylie and fled from the street.

In a harrowing and memorable scene, Kylie bled to death in the arms of her devastated hubby David.

Clayton was eventually jailed for Kylie's murder. In an 'only in soaps' twist, his mum Shona went on marry David.



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