Steve Lacy Shows No Regret for Smashing Camera During His Concert

In a new interview, the ‘Bad Habit’ singer expresses no remorse as he discusses the incident where he smashed a fan’s disposable camera onstage which was thrown at him.

AceShowbizSteve Lacy addressed his camera smash incident in a new interview. Speaking with Variety, the “Bad Habit” singer expressed no remorse after he smashed a fan’s disposable camera onstage which was thrown at him.

“These moments just go viral,” he said, speaking of the incident for the first time. “As soon as anything has virality to it, it’s like that’s everything you’ve done. That’s what I hated most about that moment.”

Steve went on to point out that people started to look at his outburst differently after the concerning trend of concertgoers throwing stuff at artists onstage kept going on. In recent months, musicians like Bebe Rexha, Harry Styles, Drake and Cardi B have all had cellphones and other items launched at them by audience members.

“People were pissed at me for it, but now they’re like, ‘He was f**kin’ right – y’all shoulda listened to Steve!’ ” Steve weighed in on the phenomenon. “I didn’t apologize for that s**t because I’m not wrong!”

During the interview, Steve, however, admitted that he’s coming around to his young audience’s unstudied enthusiasm. “I had to accept that this is how these kids are,” he explained. “I was pissed at first – they want so much. ‘Can you do this? Can you do that? I’m gonna throw this up here for you. I love you.’ But I don’t see them being wrong for it anymore.”

“As much as it f**king annoys me sometimes, they’re just young. A lot of these kids – it’s their first concert, so they don’t even know what concert etiquette is. I’m starting to love them, and I couldn’t imagine my shows without them. They don’t give a f**k how uncool they look, and I appreciate that,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer claimed that his coming out process was simply “silly.” He shared, “I didn’t really come out. I didn’t try to – it just kinda happened. I don’t care to announce who I’m into sexually. I think it’s silly. I never felt like I needed to come out.”

The singer continued saying that he also doesn’t feel a responsibility to represent any specific image of queerness. “I never care to speak for anyone else, because I think all of our experiences are so different from each other,” he shared. “I guess I have a selfish perspective of myself in the world, and I’m just expressing myself. I’m not necessarily doing things for other people to feel good about themselves.”

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