Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman has denied rape allegations made against him by a Swedish model, TMZ first reported.

It was announced on Wednesday by the public prosecutor that the 41-year-old is under investigation by the Swedish authorities for allegedly raping Gabriella Magnusson, otherwise known as Bella Davis, in 2018.

The American actor’s legal team told The Post that the claim comes just one week after he took out a restraining order against her in Los Angeles.

Kinnaman claimed that he was being extorted by the model in a lengthy social media post on Instagram after years of reportedly obsessive communications.

The blockbuster star’s attorney, Patricia Glaser, told the publication how Gabriella allegedly threatened to publicise false information about the star unless he capitulated her demands.

She said: “It appears that after learning of the restraining order, she filed her complaint.

“The court papers that Mr Kinnaman filed stated, among other things, that Ms Davis threatened to publicise false information about Mr Kinnaman – including that he had sex with her against her will – unless he capitulated to her monetary and other demands, which included Hollywood introductions, a work visa sponsorship, a blue verification checkmark on Instagram and more.”

Following the announcement, Glaser added that Kinnaman is cooperating with the police on this important matter “to clear his name".

Kinnaman claims the pair started their consensual sexual relationship in November 2018 in which the pair engaged in sexual intercourse on two occasions before he ended contact with her.

The star goes on to allege that Davis contacted him again in 2019 and 2020 asking to meet up, but the actor was in a committed relationship so he did not respond.

It was then that the star claims Davis began to send “increasingly obsessive communication” which he continued to try to cut off, according to his Instagram post.

He wrote: “But Bella continued to try to communicate with me – texting and calling from other people’s phones – and these communications became more and more antagonistic, threatening, and frightening over time.”

Kinnaman said it all came to a head when she threatened to go to the press and say he “had sex with her against her will,” he claimed.

Gabriella also took to Instagram to share her side of the story in which she claimed that the pair had a phone call on July 25 which was recorded in an effort to resolve the situation.

The model has also continued to deny the allegations made against her and told NBC News that she has “too much proof” against the Hollywood actor.

She told the publication: “I will see him in court. He literally [has] destroyed my whole life. He [hasn’t] hurt me enough?”

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