Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone is back on a fitness kick post covid in his latest video posted to Instagram.

Lead role in the Rocky franchise, the star himself can be seen in an unconventional exercise of get up with plate grip.

Struggling through the pain he slowly makes it up to his feet with the weights in hand before relaxing back to the floor as the video cuts out.

He captioned the post: " Good 'heavy' morning! Punching hard till the final bell,"

The video comes from recent sessions with Gunnar Peterson, Stallone's personal trainer and strength coach.

Peterson is known for working with a number of famous clients such as Matthew McConoughey and Hugh Jackman.

With Stallone recently announcing his plans to work on a Rocky prequel it’s uncertain if we will be getting anything from the man himself in the production.

With narrative techniques that could allow Stallone to fill the role of Rocky telling the story of his own origin, it’s possible but unlikely.

Without clear word of what he’s working towards in the video, if it’s for a project at all, he may just be trying to show that he has still got it at 74 years of age.

Stallone has often shared pieces of his workout routines on his social media accounts, with exercises reminiscent of his Rocky and Rambo regime to straight forward throwbacks.

Stallone has had a long running friendly feud with Arnold Schwarzenegger, often with Arnold teasing Stallone about prior roles.

In September, Arnold mocked the smaller knife that Stallone used in the Rambo movies before putting out his own knife to compare.

He said: "This is what we used in Predator.

"It's just a little larger than yours, but don't worry about it."

Arnold also joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! About having tricked Stallone into doing a bad movie in the 90s called Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot by pretending to be interested in the project to get Stallone on board and then bailing out.

Stallone jumped on twitter to reply to the story told, saying: "OK, my big muscular friend, I saw you the other night on Jimmy Kimmel, kinda making fun of me… telling the whole world about how you tricked me into doing the worst movie ever made,

"Does it bother me? Nah. Is it burnt into my memory like a horrible scar? Nah. Well, maybe just a little bit.

"As you know, I write. Which is something you don't. And I've decided to write a sequel for you, called Stop or Your Grandmother Will Beat Your Ass . And I will be directing, and producing, and mocking it, all the way through."

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