Tamzin Outhwaite has confessed she isn't ruling out having a baby with her 30-year-old boyfriend Tom Child.

The 50-year-old former EastEnders actress met Tom, who is a documentary maker, in 2017 at a yoga class and the pair immediately hit it off and have been dating ever since.

Tamzin, who has two young daughters from her previous marriage, said it was casual at first but after a trip to the Maldives their relationship got serious.

She has now opened up during a chat with The Sun on if the pair have any baby plans after fans have been asking them due to their age gap.

Tamzin told the publication: "It’s not on the cards and it’s not like we’re talking about it, but if it happens, it happens.

"And it’s not like I’m contemplating the end of the relationship."

The star also went on to tell the sweet tale behind her blossoming romance and admitted that at first it was just supposed to be a "fling".

She said: "We were meant to just have a little fling when we met."

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Tamzin continued: "We were both single and having a great time being single, so we both didn’t want a relationship.

"But it went past that into ‘We can’t be apart’, so when it gets to ‘I don’t want to be away from you’, then there’s no point in fighting it, whatever the age gap."

It comes after the star confessed that her daughters won't let her marry Tom.

"They always say, 'You two are not getting married,'" she admitted.

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Tamzin went on: "They don't like the idea of it, but that's fine because we're not desperate to do it.

"I feel like I've done it so I'm not that bothered really."

She added to The Sun's Fabulous magazine: "My daughters were excited by him moving in, but they wouldn't like us to get married – they'd hate that.

"It's a very liberating place to be when you don't need to get married and you don't need to have kids."

On their age difference, she previously said to Fabulous: "I know it's ridiculous, but the only sort of reality we have is now, and we're not promised anything else, so we're just trying to exist in the now."

And the mum-of-two said she's got the "best of both worlds" as she feels a sense of freedom in the relationship, while also feeling very loved.

The blonde beauty was previously married to Lucifer's Tom Ellis, 41, getting hitched in 2006 before they got divorced eight years later.

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