Tenacious D O2 review – Jack Black and Kyle Gass truly are Wonder Boys

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Four years on from their Post-Apocalypto tour and Tenacious D return triumphantly to London for their only UK show this time around.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass may not have a fifth album ready just yet but they’ve certainly got one brewing after releasing their first new song since 2018, Video Games, which featured in tonight’s set.

Tenacious D’s Indiana Jones-themed Spicy Meatball show opened with a support act who perfectly matched their comical-average-Joe-with-incredible-hard-rock-talent vibe.

Dressed in a shiny jumpsuit and sporting a handlebar moustache, Steel Beans stunned the audience by playing the electric guitar while drumming and singing at the same time.

It wasn’t until 9pm when Tenacious D finally graced us with their awesome presence, at what Black confessed was their biggest headline concert ever at the O2’s 20,000-capacity venue.

Opening with their movie Pick of Destiny’s first track Kickapoo, the dynamic duo and their band rocked through signature songs Rize of the Fenix and Wonderboy before getting onto Tribute itself.

During their best-loved track, the shiny demon mentioned in the lyrics inflated behind them. But it wasn’t long before the beast was defeated not once, but twice, after the epic showdown with Satan in the anthem Beelzeboss, when the Devil hilariously deflated back to whence it came.

Throughout Black and Gass broke up songs with their usual comic bits, making the concert joyously feel like a thoroughly entertaining sketch musical.

Highlights included Black – who has a serious set of pipes – needing a rest very early into the set by literally lying on the floor as the rest of the band performed Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak, replacing the title lyric with “Tonight there’s going to be Jables break”.

The Metal stomping on stage was also very entertaining as were the fiery pyrotechnics throughout and the band’s sensational electric guitarist John Konesky.

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Yet despite putting on a really fun and rockin’ show, the set did feel a little on the short side for a headline act.

Nevertheless, fans left satisfied with the encore that included the tour’s new Spicy Meatball song, which Black sang to the tune of Indiana Jones. Ah, so that’s why Harrison Ford’s adventurer was the theme!

With a couple of singles out and a cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games alongside them, here’s hoping that fifth album isn’t far away.

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