Watch the first clip from The Beatles: Get Back

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The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver has been given the expanded reissue treatment this year, featuring previously unheard demos of the Fab Four. And now one of the record’s songs Here, There and Everywhere has had an animated music video made to stunning results. Sir Ringo Starr shared the new colourful footage, which fans can watch below.

The music video’s director is Rod Predin from Trunk Animation, who said: “Follow the band on tour, as they face an ever-changing backdrop of cities, hotels, roads, and gigs, with only each other to rely on. A magical dancer appears to each of them, representing inspiration and creative freedom.”

The love ballad was penned by McCartney and is among his personal favourite songs. Macca has often cited The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows – his favourite pop song – as a source of inspiration for the track.
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