Beatles producer Sir George Martin dies aged 90

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Back in 1962, The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein convinced George Martin to consider signing John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and original drummer Pete Best. Up until that point the record producer had been successful with comedy records and had had a No 1 with the Temperance Seven, but not so much with pop music. Now his son Giles has shared a personal unseen family video of his father, who died in 2016, telling his granddaughter the real reason that he signed The Beatles.

Giles, who followed in his father’s footsteps as a music producer, tweeted: “I don’t normally share anything personal but this my dad from a while back explaining to my daughter he signed The Beatles. Ordinary people do extraordinary things. Great decisions are made for the simplest reasons. ‘I figured if I like them this much other people might too.’”

In the clip, Martin shared a conversation he had having first been told about the Fab Four.

The late fifth Beatle said: “There were four of them. And I said, ‘Who are they? What are they?’ And he said, ‘They’re a group we call The Beatles.’ Well, that’s a silly name for a start. Who’d ever want a group with the name beetles?” However, he was told it wasn’t beetles but Beatles with an ‘A’ like beat.

Martin, who presumably was talking to the band’s manager Brian Epstein, continued: “I listened to what he said and I said, ‘Well, I’ll have to hear them first of all.’”

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