Ulrika Jonsson reveals Rolf Harris groped her in deeply uncomfortable moment

Ulrika Jonsson has confessed that the late paedophile, Rolf Harris, sexually assaulted her at 21 during her work as a weather presenter.

The television figure is amongst those using the disgraced entertainer's death to speak up about his vile actions.

The convicted predator died earlier this week at 93 from neck cancer.

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Ulrika described the memory as a "deeply uncomfortable ideal", having met Rolf when she was just 21 years old, at a TV studio.

In a column for The Sun, the now-55-year-old recalled that when they first met, her handshake was met with an embrace.

The Swedish-born media personality explained that although she felt uncomfortable, she didn't realise the gravity of the situation at the time.

Ulrika commented: "We didn't say anything. We didn’t pipe up or call anyone out. Especially not a celebrity."

She clarified that the abuser felt he didn't "see his actions as wrong" and "felt he had the right to touch" women.

Now, 35 years on, Ulrika is certain that if the same thing happened to her today, she would know better than to be as passive.

The television star commented: "Suffice to say, if old, pervy Harris had touched my bum today, he’d have got a knuckle sandwich.

"I guess we’ll never quite know how many victims there were," she added.

TV broadcaster Vanessa Feltz is another one of Rolf Harris' victims that recently confessed his assault.

In an interview with Alison Hammond and Craig Doyle, Vanessa revealed that Rolf Harris groped her in 1996.

On a Channel 4 programme, The Big Breakfast, the sex attacker slyly assaulted his interviewee during a segment called On The Bed.

Rolf began by scrunching up the bottom of Vanessa's dress, before his hand travelled further up her leg – all in front of his wife.

Vanessa recalled the horrific moment, explaining: "I was absolutely shocked because it's Rolf Harris for goodness sake that we all adored and also it's live on telly and it's a daytime lovely show with lots of kids watching.

"You've got his wife there so I couldn't say, 'Get your hand off my leg or Stop touching me or [slap him away]. How could I in the middle of a live interview?

"And of course, he knew that, he knew that he was doing it to me in those circumstances where I couldn't do anything."

Vanessa and Ulrika are amongst others – including disabilities campaigner Dr Lin Berwick and BBC radio host Karen Gardener – that have accused Rolf Harris of sexual assault in the workplace.

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