Vic Mensa Regrets Dissing Drake, Admits Its a Big Mistake on 15-Minute Freestyle

The Roc Nation signee, who dissed the Canadian superstar on his 2017 track ‘Danger’, later reveals in an interview that he has made amends with the four-time Grammy winner.

AceShowbiz -One of the things that Vic Mensa regretted in his life is dissing Drake. When getting things off his chest on a 15-year-old freestyle, the Roc Nation signee admitted that it was such a big mistake for him.

On the freestyle, which was shared on the Sway’s Universe YouTube channel, the 29-year-old raps, “I fell victim to addictions and my mental state/ Stupid s**t, like dissing Drake – that was a big mistake.” He is referring to his 2017 Drizzy diss track “Danger.”

“But when you raised in a cage, all you know is MMA/I dissed [Lil Yachty], dissed [DJ Akademiks], dissed [XXXTENTACION],” the Chicago-born artist continues. “It was disrespect/ It made the fans dis-invest/ I lost M’s like a Dow Jones regression/ But every L taught me an invaluable lesson.”

Meanwhile, when speaking with Sway, Vic revealed that he already made amends with those he mentioned on the freestyle. “I’ve actually spoken to all of ’em, man,” he divulged. “I saw Drake at Virgil’s funeral and had some words with him. Yeah, he was [receptive to it]. He was like, ‘Man, honestly, I didn’t even understand it.’ “

“And when I recall and think back, it was like, I was just gassed up being young. You know, [Kanye West], Jay-Z – they bickering so I wanna jump in,” he continued. “It was unnecessary. I spoke to him.”

However, there is only one person that Vic hasn’t issued an apology to. “Akademiks is one person that I have not spoken to,” he stated. “But I’m at the space right now where I don’t got room in my spirit for beef, no problems with nobody. I’m beyond that. So, I’ma sit down with Akademiks. I’ll go on his show and speak to him. Because me and Akademiks’ [issues], it was really more ideological too.”

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