Vicky Pattison left shaken after car bursts into flames she was in moments prior

Vicky Pattison has been left shaken up after her Uber burst into flames just moments after she got out of the vehicle.

The Geordie Shore star managed to vacate the vehicle before it could be seen engulfed in flames.

The TV beauty, 35, was on the way to Sheesh in Chigwell with her fiance Ercan when the incident happened.

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Vicky shared a video of the moto onto her Instagram as she told fans what happened.

She explained: "I actually don’t even know what to about what’s just happened. It was absolutely terrifying.

"We were just driving along in this Uber and Ercan saw that the engine management light was on and then the car started making a really horrible noise on the AI.

"We pulled over, smoke out of the back of the car. The man was just like stay in the car, it will be fine, i will be fine.

"We were on the A1 so we didn’t want to get out and then all of a sudden it just caught fire.

"It just burst into flames and you can see the whole car has exploded. Absolutely terrifying. The police come running over – ‘get back, get back.

"And thank you Uber for charging me £50 for the privilege of nearly being BBQ’d…oh and literally being so unbothered when I repeatedly called in distress."

This comes after she took to Instagram earlier in the week to discuss an "emotional" time she went through.

Vicky wrote: "I haven't really spoken much about my periods recently- not on here anyway. Don't get me wrong, @ercan_ram still has to listen to me whinge 24/7. My favourite thing he says is when I tell him I'm on my period he goes AGAIN?!

"Yes babe, again.. it's kind of monthly thing, like a really shit direct debit but instead of taking your money it takes your sanity & ability to form a sentence. Dreamy.

"I think the polarised reaction I got to my decision to freeze my eggs left me feeling a little bit fragile & I sort of resolved to stop exposing myself to nasty comments for a while.

"Just protect myself for a bit & post the fluffy stuff- the puppies, the holidays, work bits etc. But the thing is, life isn't just the fluffy bits is it? And once a month whether you choose to ignore it or not, a huge amount of women, have a really rough time…"

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