Radiohead’s OK Computer doesn’t turn 25 for another month in the U.K. — and not until July in the U.S. — but guitarist Ed O’Brien commemorated the album in an Instagram post anyway.

O’Brien was inspired to celebrate after seeing BBC Radio 6 Music’s post about the album (and technically, it turns 25 today in Japan). “A few thoughts in no particular order,” he began. “Feels like an age away. 1997 belonged to a different era. We were just kids with unswerving focus and drive. No partying, just the desire to make better and better work. We were absorbing so much more music outside of our alternative guitar thing: Bitches Brew. What’s Going On. In a Silent Way. Pet Sounds. Scott Walker. Portishead.”

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He went on to describe the recording process — from their rehearsal space Canned Applause to Jane Seymour’s elegant castle called St. Catherine’s Court — and what it was like to open for Alanis Morrissette on her Jagged Little Pill tour. He concluded the post by reflecting on the shock of the album’s massive success, and the dark side of fame.

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“Although knew we were on to something, we had no idea what it would become,” he wrote. “How could you? I’m truly overwhelmed and still surprised. We were on one side of it and couldn’t really comprehend the public side of it. Then there was Glastonbury, dreams coming true, darkness also. You think these things will fix you, they don’t. That work comes later.”

Although Radiohead have been inactive since they wrapped up their tour for A Moon Shaped Pool in August 2018, the band streamed a concert series during the pandemic — and released Kid A Mnesia, a deluxe set of Kid A and Amnesiac. O’Brien also released his solo debut, Earth, in April 2020, while Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood recently teamed up for their side project, the Smile.


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