X Factor star recalls life changing racial attack at 10 which left her scarred

Janice Robinson burst onto our TV screens 2018 when she appeared on The X Factor, but before her stint on the beloved talent show, she had a huge dance anthem that rocked the world.

The Dreamer songstress, 55, who shot to fame in 90s dance group Livin' Joy, has now opened up about a terrible ordeal she experienced when she was younger.

Keen to share her story to commemorate Black History Month, which is February in America, Janice has spoken exclusively to Daily Star about the "life changing" racial attack.

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When Janice was nine going on 10 years old, she went to a local ice rink with her siblings, with the singer recalling how her parents told her not to stray too far from them.

Skating off to practise her "figure eight" skating move, Janice encountered a terrible racial attack which left her scarred.

After accidentally getting in the way of some older kids who were playing hockey on the ice, Janice was subject to a brutal attack.

"They kicked me," she recalled, adding: "It was such a trauma. They pushed me, they kicked me with their skates, and I remember, I went in the bathroom and I stayed in the bathroom crying."

Janice added: "It was pretty horrifying, and that event is what really changed my life.

"And from that moment on, I focused on [how] people need to be more loving, people need to be more kind, people need to be more aware of their actions toward each other," adding that her debut album The Colour Within Me, was inspired by all of it.

Later on in our chat she spoke of the terrifying ordeal again when she explained how the kids called her "all kinds of names".

Touching on how they called her "big lips" and made references to her "colour", Janice said: "I got made fun of my lips," later adding how it was "painful" to hear.

She also shared with us how she has been left with life-long scars from the attack that saw kids kick her while wearing ice skates.

Noting how the blades were centimetres away from her eyes, Janice showed us the scars on her face, which are visible in the photos above.

Since the ordeal, Janice has channelled all of her energy into love and light, with the singer being a positive beacon for so many through her music and day-to-day living.

Janice, alongside her singing and music-making career, also works as a teacher where she not only teaches, but inspires them too.

With many exciting projects in the pipeline, the Dreamer starlet is set to release her first ballad this spring, with a dance album coming out in the summer – with Janice setting her sights on winning a BRIT Award and Grammy.


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