X Factor star Sam Callahan has addressed an altercation with Louis Walsh which left him in tears after the ITV show judge told him to “mentor himself”.

Sam spoke exclusively to Daily Star in a Facebook Live interview in which he openly spoke about his former mentor, Louis.

He candidly admitted that there were "situations on the show" that proved themselves to be "difficult" to navigate.

The 27-year-old star revealed that he’d had "an argument with his mentor" Louis, who "basically told him to f*** off and mentor himself".

Sam said that Louis was "negative" towards him for three days afterwards and the singer told the music manager that he "needed to get in the zone".

The singer revealed: "He went on and on and on, he kept telling me I was going out. He said: ‘You’re going out this week,’ how does he know that? You don’t know that, there’s a public vote, so you shouldn’t know that."

Sam, who made it to week six of the competition, then said that Louis "didn’t know that" because he was kept on the show, so the singer went to confront him.

He recalled: "I sad 'I really can’t deal with the way you handled this, how you’ve been talking to me this week,' he told me to 'f*** off and mentor myself."

Sam then noted that Louis came to him to resolve the issue after the singer sought help from staff behind the scenes.

Sam admitted he was "in tears and emotional" when he spoke to his family and his father wanted to "pull him off the show," so they went and spoke to Richard Holloway, who "runs the show from behind the scenes".

Richard then asked Louis to talk to Sam but the musician said he wasn't sure how genuine it was at the time.

"Louis came and apologised. Not sure how sincere it was, but that’s fine," he said with a chuckle.

Sam then revealed that his "fear at the time" was that there were two other boys in his category which were still in the competition, which made him think that"“if it came down to it," his mentor would "choose one of them over him, quite happily".

Daily Star has reached out to Louis' representative for a comment.

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