Fans of porn stars and OnlyFans models will be able to see their wildest fantasies come true after their favourite stars sign up to have themselves recreated as a rentable sex doll.

A huge number of stars have already signed up to be recreated as a replica sex doll, which their fans can hire for three days, starting from £437 in the UK and $600 for US customers.

The replica concept has been developed by Inferno, who have signed up big names like Brit porn star Sophie Anderson and her boyfriend Damian Oliver, Brandi Mae, Destiny Red, Thor Johnson and many more.

The company also claims it is the only place in the world that rents out sex toys, including the dolls, virtual reality headsets and more.

Ben Stroud, founder of Inferno, believes that the huge rise in OnlyFans has caused business to boom with more fans turning to stars of the subscription-based platform over traditional porn stars.

“People just don’t go for the most popular girl in the world, who is beautiful, anymore,” Ben told the Daily Star.

“OnlyFans has created a huge market for variety and amateur that some of these people are making fortunes. We have seen more people interested in stars from OnlyFans than porn stars by a mile.”

Ben believes that sex dolls are becoming more accepted and even the stars that have signed up so far have been obsessed by the dolls created of them.

Inferno go above and beyond with their detail, ensuring bust size, tattoos and even features such as body hair are included for authenticity.

They can also customise everything from fingernails and nipples to pubic hair.

The dolls can be rented for three, five and seven days and are extensively sanitised each time they return.

Inferno also offers an option to keep the replica doll at a cost of £7,308 in the UK and $10,000 in the US.

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The company has been inundated with requests from fans to create their favourite stars but Inferno will not do anyone's likeness unless they have signed an agreement with that particular individual.

Inferno says they are also the first company to supply for gay, bisexual, straight and trans as they believe there should not be prejudice.

Ben feels it is only a matter of time before a celebrity decides to have a sex doll made of their likeness as the market continues to become more acceptable.

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He said: “The interest from stars has been incredible. The number of signings has exploded by 200% and continues to grow with even more in the coming weeks.

“I think that in the next few years, we will see big stars, Hollywood stars looking to get in the market of allowing their likeness on a sex doll. It will only take one person to get it started. I can see it being someone who is maybe bisexual, or very liberal in the mould of a Tom Hardy style figure.”

But if excited fans send their doll back late they'll have to pay a fee – just like returns with a library card.

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