Adult star wants to be first to have sex in space with help from Elon Musk

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    Adult star and legendary meme Johnny Sins has said he wants to be the first performer to have sex in space, and may get Elon Musk to help him.

    The pornstar, who has worked in the industry for a decade now, hit newfound success when he stormed through YouTube and TikTok meme compilations.

    His everyman occupations, ranging from doctor, astronaut, teacher and firefighter found the star reaching a larger audience, and now he hopes to be the first performer to head to space.

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    Sins confirmed it would be "very cool" to see his dream realised, with a campaign for his trip to space ongoing since 2015.

    But it looks as though it doesn't end there, with Sins revealing "Elon would get on board" with his plans for out of this world intercourse should they be put to him.

    During his interview with Vice, Sins was asked about his "dream" to be the "first performer to have sex in space", where he confirmed he was still pursuing it.

    Sins said: "It would be very cool. I would love to be the first performer in space. And when that campaign launched, I don't even know when that was, 2015 maybe, no one had even gone to space yet on these commercial flights.

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    "But now that it's happening, it could be potentially realistic. I think it'd be awesome. It has to happen pretty quick, in the next couple of years, because I'm gonna get up there in age, so…"

    Despite the "ticking clock" of time against Sins, it would appear he was keen to involve SpaceX and its CEO Musk, who he said would be "on board" with his plan.

    Sins joked: "I think Elon would get on board with it, too. He is the type. That would be an amazing promotion for SpaceX, actually."

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    The 43-year-old seems to have experience with the tasks of an astronaut, saying earlier in the interview that his favourite role throughout his career has been "astronaut".

    But Sins was keen to point out that he was "still waiting for the space thing to happen."

    Whether it does or not is entirely up to those that have the power and spacecraft ready to launch Sins beyond the stars, with Musk yet to comment on such plans.

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    Musk has recently made headlines for screenshotting internal emails from Twitter and openly mocking them on the social media platform he only just took control of.

    Daily Star reported the hysterics Musk was left in at receiving a mandatory deadline course for his 'new manager' role at Twitter.

    Musk has since labelled himself 'Chief Twit', rather than CEO of the company.

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