‘Alien footage’ released as man describes ‘terrifying’ encounter in his backyard


A man in Las Vegas who said he encountered “eight-to-ten foot” aliens in his own backyard last month after a strange light was filmed plummeting from the night sky, has now spoken at length about his strange experience.

The UFO incident has captured the public’s imagination around the world, with many offering their theories about what happened and what the man saw, but under the name Alien Society51 on YouTube, he has now talked at length about what happened on May 1, 2023, making it plainly clear he’s not into “conspiracy theories” and he’s “not making the story up for clout or fame”.

In the first video he has ever posted on the channel, one that has already had over 350,000 views and 4,150 comments, he started off by saying: “I know some people may not believe this experience, but we’re all different.”

He went on: “It was midnight and I was fixing a truck in my back yard with my brother and I heard something fall from the sky. I turn around and the only thing I see is a light falling from the sky. I felt a big impact and a bang.

“Me and my brother were scared – when the impact happened, it was like a shockwave, an out-of-body experience. When I tried to look at the object, it was all blurry, not my vision but the back yard area. 

“I heard thousands of footsteps around me and a couple of seconds later the blurriness was gone.”

The man then referred to some body cam footage of the light falling from the sky, showing a short clip which clearly shows an out-of-control bright, bluey-green ball of light tumbling towards the ground in the distance.

He then played footage from a neighbour’s door bell camera, on which a strange whirring sound followed by a large bang can be heard.

“When that happened, the only thing I can see in the backyard is a tall creature, probably around eight, 10 feet tall, very thin.

“So, I call my dad. He went to the back yard, and he saw the same creature I saw. He told me to go inside the house. At this point, we’re all freaking out me and my family.”

He then played another video with some footage of the alien, albeit inconclusive, claiming that “you can’t see it very good, but it’s there”.

He continued: “Moments after the video, my brother calls me, he told me shakenly, ‘look behind the forklift, so I looked and then I see the alien creature.

“When I saw it, it was tall, skinny, lengthy creature. He was greyish green in colour.

“When I looked at it in the eyes, my body just froze. like the same experience of having sleep paralysis.

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“I’m staring at him and I’m looking at his whole body and he has weird looking feet and a big face and eyes, and you could see a big mouth.

“I could hear his loud deep breathing and I could see his stomach moving. 

“He would just stare at me, seconds later I could start moving again. I started running towards the house and that’s when I called 911.”

During the call, he explained he could see two eight-to-10 foot tall creatures in his back yard, with big shiny eyes, which were “100% not human”.

The man then said they heard footsteps on the roof of the house and after officers arrived, they discovered an almost perfect circle marking on the floor in the back yard.

He concluded the video with the words: “This is what happened to me on May 1, 2023. I hope you understand what happened to me, but I saw what I saw.”

Social media users were stunned at the man’s explanation, with thousands of people commenting, and one person writing: “From my understanding the police didn’t came because of the call only, but mostly because their buddy saw a light falling from the sky too and decided to investigate.

“What I find more believable is the fact that it was not the kid only that saw it, but their entire family it seems. I want to believe this one.”

Another wrote: “Thank you so much for creating this video to document your experience, as the media will most likely try to cover it up.”

One critic added: “I’d love to get a deeper explanation of why no one in the family was able or tried to capture video/photos of the creature. That is the most commented skepticism I’ve seen of your story.”

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