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THE Sun has argued that getting Britain working again is fundamental to our future, our economic prospects and people’s lives.

That’s 100 per cent right. We abolutely need a healthy, thriving workforce to deliver on our priorities to drive down inflation, keep the economy growing and reduce national debt.

I want to set out my plan to tackle the reasons why people aren’t working.

Long term sickness is the most common reason. Currently 1.7million people have either been signed off sick by the doctor and are waiting for a benefits assessment, or have been through the assessment and found to have limited capability for work.

Hidden in this number are people who are working while managing a health condition.

We want to help more of those who are able to work to build a fulfilling career.


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Our changes will remove hurdles that discourage people from working.

It’s motivating to be earning money, to be getting on in life.

It is also the case that the longer someone is out of work, the harder returning to work becomes.

For people who are able to work, this is a huge waste of potential.

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So we’re leaving no stone unturned. Key to this is having health treatment and work support delivered together.

Employers must play their part, as well as jobseekers.

I know most disabled people and people with health conditions will welcome the extra support coming down the track to help them manage a job alongside their condition.

It must be a collective national effort where we look closer to home to recruit the workers our economy needs if we are to succeed.

We are consulting with employers on ways to increase occupational health provision.

GPs and other healthcare professionals also have a key role to play in reducing the flow of people out of work.

Currently, 94 per cent of fit notes have the ‘not fit for work’ box ticked but for many staying in work with support is better than being stuck at home.

We can help them do this, by looking again at fit notes so ­medical experts encourage someone to remain in the workforce if they are capable.

So this is my plea to Sun readers: join us in this jobs mission and let’s get Britain working.

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