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    An Amazon delivery driver brazenly strolled into an active police standoff to deliver a parcel.

    The unfazed driver arrived at the apartment complex, which had been swarmed by police, and when he couldn’t make it to the door he handed the parcel to the cops and left.

    Before exiting the dramatic scene, he took a photo as proof of the drop-off.

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    The police stand-off in Cary, North Carolina, US had been ongoing for an hour before the delivery driver stepped into the mix.

    According to the Daily Mail, the police scene ended with a man, who was experiencing a mental health crisis, taking his own life and shooting his 11-year-old son twice.

    A video of the dedicated employee’s delivery was shared on social media.

    The woman narrating the TikTok clip says through laughter: “Look he's taking a picture!

    “It made it there! When you serious about your work. Go Amazon! Bro!”

    In the clip, an officer stops the oblivious driver from getting too close. The cop then takes the package and hands it off to another person before heading in the direction of the complex.

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    The Amazon worker then gets out his phone, and after walking past a few officers he snaps a photo of a job well done.

    The standoff lasted more than 20 hours in total.

    Cary Police Chief Terry Sult said that negotiators “did a remarkable job securing his release, then did another remarkable job trying to work on this individual.

    “I have no words to express the problem that we face with mental illness in this country”.

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    The boy, whose name was not released, was sent home from the hospital to stay with other family members.

    Amazon's delivery guarantee page states: “If we provide a guaranteed delivery date and a delivery attempt isn't made by this date, we'll refund any shipping fees associated with that order.”

    Some TikTok commenters stated that the driver was taking the corporate promise to heart when he attempted the handoff.

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    “From one Amazon driving to another I don’t blame him he would’ve had to come back and re-attempt the delivery,” wrote one user.

    “More scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out,” wrote another.

    A third wrote: “Package Delivery Note was 'handed to SWAT officer.”


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