A woman has joked she is "moving out" of her home after spotting a bizarre "assassin bug" disguised as dust.

She uploaded a video of the creature – which looks like a ball of belly button fluff – to TikTok where it has been viewed over 9.5million times.

She captioned it "i'm moving out" and wrote in the video itself: "When you find this creature in your office. What is this. I thought it was a piece of dust."

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The clip shows the insect scuttling across her desk in a disgusting fashion.

Reacting in the comments section, one person said: "I would’ve passed out."

Another wrote: "NAW I CANT EVEN TRUST DUST NOW???"

"This genuinely would’ve been my last straw," said a third.

A fourth person revealed what the creature was. They wrote in the comments section: "It’s called reduvius personatus and it’s a kind of assassin bug that camouflages itself with dust."

Reduvius personatus is better known as a "masked hunter" and does exactly what the TikTok user said.

Using their dusty disguises the insects hunt small arthropods including woodlice, lacewings, earwigs, termites and bed bugs (hence their other nickname – 'bed bug hunters').

Although they don't feed on humans, masked hunters can produce an extremely painful bite in self-defence when mishandled. Fortunately for the woman who spotted the disgusting creature, they don't carry disease unlike other members of the assassin bug family.

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According to BugGuide: "This species is common in many areas of the United States, especially in the east and northwest, including the northern Great Basin."

Beneath their disguises, masked hunters are actually brown or black in colour, typically ranging from 16mm to 22mm in length.

They are typically found in wooded areas but can venture into people's homes as, just like moths, they are attracted to light.


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