A Bigfoot believer reckons he's snapped a photo of one of the elusive beasts in Australia.

Brad Kidd has been documenting encounters with supposed dogmen, witches and sasquatches online for a number of years.

In his latest post on Facebook, Brad shared an image of what he believes to be the real deal.

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He captioned the snap: "A BF [Bigfoot] or Australian Yowie in front of there (sic) main blind."

Yowies are Bigfoot-like creatures that have their roots in Aboriginal oral history. They are usually described as hairy and ape-like, standing on two legs and reaching up to 12ft tall.

Although the folkloric animals are reputed to come from the Outback, there have been supposed sightings in other, more populated parts of Australia in recent years.

Brad's image shows a black outline of something nestled in the undergrowth.

It is hard to make out any clear features, although the shape – whatever it is – does seem to stand out from its surroundings.

The picture was shared on Instagram by the @bigfootevidence account, where people had their say on whether they thought it was real or not.

Some were convinced, with one writing: "Looks like the big guy to me."

Another suggested that the shape was actually "more than one" Bigfoot.

Others weren't sure at all. One person said: "I kinda (sic) think that’s just a gap in the leaves."

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"Oh my, a dark area," another said sarcastically, with someone else adding that Brad was "clutching at straws".


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