Bermuda Triangle: ‘Hexagonal clouds’ spotted on western tip

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The Triangle is a legendary stretch of sea off the US east coast – the scene of a string of famous disappearances. The last two centuries have witnessed as many as 50 ships and 20 aircraft go missing in the Triangle’s mysterious waters. Located between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the Triangle measures around 500,000 square miles. One of the disappearances which helped seal the Triangle’s infamous reputation was that of Flight 19.

The US Navy flight and its 14-man crew vanished in the Triangle at the end of World War 2 and has mystified experts ever since.

Now a new team of experts has been assembled with the aim of solving the mystery of Flight 19 once and for all.

The team’s journey was filmed for a new season of ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’ on the History Channel US. 

The series is presented and executive produced by American actor and director Laurence Fishburne.

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The documentary interviews key members of the Bermuda Triangle investigation team.

Among those are military historian Martin K. A. Morgan, who explains in the programme the bizarre nature of the Triangle.

He said: “It is an area where there are anomalies that cannot be explained by physical science.”

Historical investigator Wayne Abbot also appears in the shoe and discusses how experts have been left bewildered by some of the Triangle’s disappearances.

He added: “You had a lot of incidents where planes went missing, boats went missing, so you have to respect it and you have to fear it.”

David O’Keefe, another investigator, said: “There’s no doubt that this area is incredibly active.”

Then men speak as the documentary shows how the team’s leader, deep-sea explorer Rob Kraft, was forced back to port by a storm.

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His team launched their mission in the Triangle using the RV Petrel research boat last year.

Speaking for the documentary, Mr Fishburne said: “Petrel is being chased back to port by the Bermuda Triangle’s freak and dangerous weather swings.

“These sudden and violent storms called ‘white squalls’ have sunk ships and added to the Triangle’s deadly reputation.”

Flight 19 – a training mission of five TBM Avenger Torpedo bombers – set off from Florida on December 5, 1945, shortly after World War 2 ended.

The squadron carried out bombing runs in an area called Hens and Chickens Shoals but then became disorientated amid bad weather and were never seen again.

History’s Greatest Mysteries is available on the History Channel US.
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