Bigfoot believers in frenzy over giant footprints spanning over 8inches wide

Crucial new evidence that could prove the existence of bizarre legend Bigfoot has been found by a member of the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group.

Snapshots of some huge 8inch footprints potentially from the elusive Sasquatch were shared to the Facebook group who have revelled in the new finding.

If anything, the new photos do confirm the literal namesake's foot size, although even some Bigfoot believers are questioning the photos, labelling them as forgeries since Sasquatch "do not run in a straight line".

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Either way, the questionable photos show a remarkably large foot, measured by the original poster, that may belong to the beast that thousands have been searching for.

The breakthrough comes from Nadine Shepherd, who posted the images in the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group, a home of over 64,000 individuals who believe in the existence of the fabled Sasquatch.

Shepherd's post had no words, the findings speak for themselves as she brings a tape measure to the massive footprint shown in the photo.

Her post garnered almost a thousand reactions and over 100 comments, with group members rushing to ask more questions of her potentially ground-breaking find.

But the group was split on whether or not to believe the newfound photographs that show a Sasquatch's potential footprint.

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One group member questioned just how real the footprints were, citing some facts about the Sasquatch that could unravel Shepherd's findings entirely.

They wrote: "They do not run in a straight line, so, questionable."

Another countered, writing: "Look good except aren’t they normally in more of a straight line and the stride length seems way to short. Just my opinion, I’m not an expert."

Expert or not, the group's split over the newly discovered photos has caused quite the stir, although one user joked of the massive footprints: "Somebody's been following me with a tape measure".

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