Retired doctor ‘driven insane’ by mystery plague of flies swamping his home

A retired doctor says he is being 'driven insane' by a mysterious plague of flies that surround his home.

Brij Sinha starts and ends every day by swatting at swarms of flying insects around his semi-detached house in Leicester Forest East, despite him having tried endlessly to remove them with a host of different solutions.

He has filled the property with plug-in devices, spray bottles, sticky traps, jostick burner sticks and even limes with cloves shoved in them — but despite all his efforts the problem persists.

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Brij has also made adjustments to the way he lives to cope with the flies such as keeping his cutlery submerged in water, putting a paper towel over the kettle to prevent them going in, cleaning the garden with disinfectant to stop them breeding and keeping his doors and windows shut.

Dr Sinha, who moved in with his wife 15 months ago, says he would now like to move out as he believes nothing has been done about the issue.

He commented: "The fly problem is so bad here it drives you a little bit crazy."

"I'd like to move. I've tried every product you can buy, every tip and technique you see on YouTube but the garden is full of flies, the house is full of flies – live ones and dead ones. Something needs to be done. It's very frustrating and expensive, too."

Flies in parts of the village suburb of Leicester Forest East have been a problem for at least five years, with some residents saying they would stop paying their taxes until something was done.

Dr Sinha, like dozens of others, has complained to the government-run Environment Agency but they remain at a loss as to what is causing the problem.

A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said its officers had been monitoring a nearby recycling site owned by Casepak within the Leicester City Council boundaries after local speculation grew that the flies were coming from there.

But they did not find evidence of this being the source, and said: “The Environment Agency regulates the site operated by Casepak in Leicester Forest East and we frequently visit the site, announced and unannounced, to check it is complying with its environmental permit. The company has pest control measures in place and is compliant with their permit.

"Local residents can be assured we will continue to monitor the site on a regular basis. As always, we would remind people to report environmental concerns to our 24-hour hotline in 0800 80 70 60.”

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