A Bigfoot hunter believes he heard the chilling screams of a sasquatch while out in the forest during the night.

In the eerie clip, which was shared on YouTube by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organisation, several shrill animalistic screams were heard in the space of two minutes.

While the bloke behind the camera didn't see the creature as the footage was too dark, but he and his sister, Veronica claimed they could still it.

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Those analysing the clip also believe it to be evidence of Bigfoot as it was sighted in Columbia, Canada, which is said to be one of the most common spots for sasquatch sightings.

One of the RMSO, who was analysing the footage for their 74,000 subscribers, said: "He has never been scared of the Sasquatch.

"I'm going to play the vocalizations that [Veronica] sent us from Chehalis British Columbia, Canada.

"I'm going to play the original first and then I will play an enhanced where I boost the volume so that you can hear it a little bit better.

"It's just amazing vocalizations in a place that I consider a big foot citing hot spots. So many big foot sightings in British Columbia. A great place to search for Bigfoot."

The clip, which has more than 400 likes, received many comments from those who believe in the legendary apie-like animal and others who weren't so convinced.

One wrote: "Definitely a Bigfoot that holla is one of a kind."

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Another added: "They must have a meaning to those screams. Are they meant to scare people away? Or is there more than one communicating with another? Very interesting."

A third said: "The really neat thing about audio clips is that they can be run through special audio software which can determine by several factors if the noises were human or an animal."

A fourth commented: "Still don't understand that people say these creatures aren't real the issue is it doesn't fit the scientist narrative."


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