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Classic action flick Rambo: First Blood – which along with Rocky made a superstar out of Sylvester Stallone – is being re-released in cinemas on Friday [June24] to mark its 40th birthday.

As US Army veteran John Rambo who is traumatised by his past, Sly created an iconic character in a decade where action films were all the rage.

Since the Eighties, several of Hollywood's biggest names have gone on to have wild lives, including one actor marrying into the First Family of America.

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Here Daily Star's investigates what happened to him and other action heroes from the decade…

Sylvester Stallone

Along with five Rambo movies in total on his CV, Sly chalked up hits including Cobra and Tango and Cash before his popularity dipped.

It took until early 2006 and the sixth Rocky release until he was fully back in the spotlight.

The Expendables thriller series which he wrote and starred in saw him back on comfortable territory, while Rocky spin-off Creed landed him a third Oscar nomination.

Upcoming projects include returning as Stakar in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, dark superhero movie Samaritan, and Hunter, about a professional tracker hunting a half-human beast.

Sly’s love life has seen him wed to model and actress Brigitte Nielsen and engaged to model Janice Dickinson.

The 75-year-old has been caught up in a handful of sexual misconduct allegations, which were all denied.

Mel Gibson

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After finding fame in 1987’s Lethal Weapon and the Mad Max series, Mel’s career continued to soar with Braveheart and then came the controversial The Passion of the Christ.

He directed, co-wrote, and funded the biblical drama about the death of Jesus, which was critcised for extreme violence and anti-Semitism.

Mel’s career fell apart after he was arrested for drink-driving in 2006 and went on an anti-Semitic rant.

His wife Robyn divorced him and he was shunned by Hollywood.

The Aussie had a daughter with his next partner Oksana Grigorieva, who later accused him of domestic violence.

He didn’t contest the charge.

Mel has made a comeback in recent years after directing World War 2 hit Hacksaw Ridge and also had a ninth child with current partner Rosalind Ross.

The 66 year old has also revealed he’s also in talks about a fifth Lethal Weapon film.

Harrison Ford

Turning 80 next month isn’t stopping the Indiana Jones legend from reprising his famous role as the intrepid fedora-wearing adventurer for a fifth time.

Thanks to the recent Star Wars films the actor also has kept busy working again as Han Solo.

A constant stream of box office hits such as Blade Runner, The Fugitive and Air Force One kept his star shining bright in Hollywood.

Wed three times, he has been with Ally McBeal actress Calista Flockhart since meeting at the Golden Globes in 2002 then marrying in 2010.

He is a fierce climate change activist, calling out world leaders in a 2019 speech saying they were going to “kill us” if they didn’t change their attitudes towards the planet over profits.

Dolph Lundgren

Following his breakthrough role as Ivan Drago in 1986’s Rocky IV, the former bodyguard of singer Grace Jones played He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

But the Swedish actor then spent years stuck doing straight-to-video films.

His marriage collapsed, and he found himself drinking heavily.

His career has recently been given a boost thanks to Sly and The Expendables films, in which he plays Gunner Jensen.

In 2009 masked burglars broke into his Marbella home, tied up and threatened his now ex-wife Anette Qviberg.

He’s currently engaged to personal trainer Emma Krokdal.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former bodybuilder Arnie proved he could turn his hand to comedy after making a name for himself in 1984’s The Terminator with classics including Twins and Kindergarten Cop.

He turned to politics next and spent a term as governor of California.

While he was married to President John F Kennedy’s niece Maria Shriver he had a fling with their housemaid resulting in an illegitimate child which ended their relationship.

Arnie, 74, released a passionate video encouraging Americans to get vaccinated against Covid in 2021.

Kurt Russell

From army hero-turned-robber in 1981’s Escape from New York, he moved on to kung-fu comedy action in Big Trouble in Little China.

Kurt, 71, later played a psychologist opposite Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, joined The Fast and Furious franchise and played Santa in The Christmas Chronicles.

He has been in a long-term relationship with actress Goldie Hawn since 1983.

A supporter of gun rights, Russell has caused controversy as a pro-hunter.

Sigourney Weaver

Breaking boundaries as female action hero Ripley in the Alien trilogy made the 72-year-old a star.

She also starred in Ghostbusters, Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl.

Having starred in the original Avatar film, she’s back for the upcoming four sequels. Sigourney has supported director Roman Polanski, who fled the States in 1978 after being charged with raping and drugging a 13-year-old girl.

She has been married to theatre director Jim Simpson since 1984 and they have a daughter, Charlotte.


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