Biohacker claims he’s ‘reversed ageing to live to 200’ and drinking wine ‘helps’

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    A biohacker who claims he has managed to reverse his own ageing process says drinking booze is part of his secret.

    Bryan Johnson is worth a "few hundred million dollars" thanks to a tech start-up.

    But he now devotes most of his time to extending his lifespan.

    He spends roughly $2m a year on a team of experts who help him "slow his ageing' and his diet includes taking over a hundred different supplements a day.

    There also used to be a rather unusual breakfast routine.

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    "I used to drink three ounces [of wine] every morning with breakfast,” he explained.

    “I enjoyed drinking the wine for breakfast because I had to create the longest time period between my sleep to avoid it negatively affecting my sleep.”

    Bryan has also tried getting blood plasma donations from his son Talmage in a bid to rejuvenate his body.

    “A lot of people learned about this, and then they they immediately imagine I'm in a dungeon drinking my son's blood as if I'm harvesting his organs.

    “The reality was it was a very heartwarming thing that our family was discussing and so we did it”.

    But his son’s blood didn’t actually help Bryan’s quest for eternal life.

    “It didn't really work … I'm chronologically 45, but many of my phenotypic markers are in their 20s so my donor was 19 and so it makes sense,” he added.

    Bryan told the Diary of a CEO podcast he has donated some of his own blood to his 70-year-old dad Richard.

    The jury is still out on whether there was any medical benefit, but he said the transfusions were a “family bonding experience”.

    Bryan says that the secret to a long life is keeping you heart rate variable.

    “You're trying to basically toggle between being chill and being in fight or flight," he explains, " so when you're stressed your body's like 'all right like we’re amped up we've called all the resources to do this job’.

    "But you can't be in that high state for long – you need to be in a relaxed state as well”.

    He could only afford so much relaxation though: sadly Bryan had to give up on his breakfast wine idea. “I got rid of it because it was too expensive from a caloric perspective,” he says. it was 72 calories for the three ounces and I couldn't fit it in with my calorie budget”.

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