A personal trainer has said running on all fours like a dog every day for almost a year has given him a 'crazy ripped' physique.

Nathaniel Nolan, from Indiana, has spent the last 326 days doing the bizarre exercise which has also helped with mobility issues and pain he had been experiencing after practicing calisthenics, jujitsu and breakdancing.

"I was suffering from a lot of pain in like my wrists and hands and shoulder and stuff," Nolan explained.

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He started doing planks and bear-crawls, which some experts say burn about 100 calories every 10 minutes, which naturally progressed into his current routine.

"There's no inspiration coming from any sort of animals. I'm not trying to imitate anything," Nolan told ABC News.

But the unique exercise regime has drawn comparisons to man's best friend from across the internet.

Nolan now does at least 30 to 45 minutes of the exercise a day and has performed it at the gym and in public – including at a science museum and under Missouri's iconic Gateway Arch.

Although the workout may look strange, he says people rarely stop to ask what he's doing.

"Pretty much never – lot of people underestimate how little people care what's going on around them," Nolan said.

And it seems Nolan isn't barking up the wrong tree with the bizarre technique – he said he's enjoyed noticeable changes in his body, and not all of them have been aesthetic.

"The areas that people can't see or are harder to notice are the mobility gains that I've had — how much better my body feels," he said.

Nolan even shares his workouts on TikTok, where he has more than 992k followers.

Nolan's workouts also involve impressive calisthenics and climbing trees.

Now others have been inspired to try the exercise themselves, and Nolan loves to see others try out their own "All Fours Challenge".


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