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An online business has launched a spa service that offers days of pampering – but only to bashed sex dolls.

Galmato Heaven is a one-stop-shop for all things sex doll, and now even offers a repair and spa service for those beloved silicone sweethearts.

The website advertises the service as "The ULTIMATE in rejuvination" and promises to pull out all the stops to get any sex doll good as new.

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"After a day (or days) of head-to-toe repair, retouch, and pampering she’ll come back home to you looking like the first day she arrived," the site boasts.

And plastic pampering isn't the only service Galmato Heaven offers, as you can even buy your sex doll from the site – and for the less fussy customer, there are some dolls that are "certified pre-owned".

"Galmato Haven is your trusted source for selling and buying dolls," the online store reads.

"Our professional consignment service includes full restoration of dolls placed for sale, so buyers know they are getting a quality product every time.

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"Buyers can also make changes and customize their new doll before delivery. We also accept heads and faces."

The website worryingly makes the distinction between used and unused, with some previous doll owners apparently just deciding that love in plastic wasn't their thing.

One advert reads: "This blue-eyed beauty comes from an owner who quickly figured out synth-life isn’t for him.

"His revelation is your gain with no wait for this rare face/body combo at an unreal price."

Meanwhile others had a bit more wear and tear, presumably from use by previous owners.

One doll, described as a "talkative beauty" and coming complete with an AI head, clocks in at a staggering $85,000 (more than £70,000) – but there are a few small catches.

"She’s in great, but not perfect, shape," the advert warns, stating that while her head is in perfect working condition, other parts of her may need more attention.

"There is some mild dimpling in the left breast. The factory suggests that regular massage can help to clear this up."

While some dolls come in full, others just come as heads – or just lower bodies, with one sold-out pre-owned 'torso', complete with plastic female genitalia, described as "the perfect lightweight solution for discreet fun".

And if you swing the other way, no problem – Galmato Heaven also sells the RealCock2, a custom-made, hyper-realistic dildo crafted to the needs of each user.


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