A police officer captured some hilarious videos and photos of the moment goats invaded his patrol car, climbing on the roof and getting inside to eat his paperwork.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office from Alabama, US, took to Facebook to show people the chaos that Deputy Casey Thrower had to deal with.

The post explained that, in the early hours of August 27, Thrower returned to his vehicle after delivering some legal documents to find two goats investigating it.

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"He overheard something in his patrol car and was met by a couple of goats, one climbing into the open driver's side of his vehicle as well as one on the hood of his patrol vehicle," Madison County Sheriff's Office said.

In one of the videos, Thrower can be heard saying: "Get out of there! Are you kidding me? Get out! There's nothing to eat in there."

However, the goat inside his patrol car did in fact find something to eat, and can be seen turning towards the camera, chomping down on some paper as if goading the copper.

After letting out an audible sigh, Thrower says: "Don't eat that – come on! Get out!"

Despite Thrower then attempting some farmyard animal-style clicking noises, the goat continued to gorge on its meal of tasty police documents.

In subsequent videos Thrower turned his attention to the other goat, which had managed to scale its way from the bonnet onto the roof.

He was eventually able to shoo them away, the Facebook post said, despite his attempts in the videos having very little impact.

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As to how the goats managed to break into the vehicle in the first place, the post continued: "Deputy Thrower explained that due to the number of homes he visits daily, on occasions he leaves his vehicle door open because he’s had to retreat from being attacked by canines in the past."


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