Crazed wild boar could soon be running riot near you after a surge in attacks on humans and livestock.

The feral pigs are causing havoc in European cities – and experts warn they are becoming more aggressive due to people feeding them.

Thousands are already roaming the UK, with each sow breeding at a rate of up to 12 piglets a year. Many live in the Scottish Highlands, where farmers fear they are becoming uncontrollable.

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Steven McKenzie, head keeper at Aberchalder and Glengarry Estate, near Loch Ness, saw a group of boar "pulling apart" a sheep.

He said: "Three pigs had encircled a ewe. They had her on her back and were quite literally pulling her apart and eating her."

It comes after pop star Shakira was attacked by two wild boar in a park in Barcelona, Spain.

A woman aged 67 was injured by the animals on El Albir beach, just north of Benidorm, and a 92-year-old farmer had his arm and leg amputated after taking on a male boar in Mantua, Italy.

The crisis has forced many governments to intervene, with Berlin now employing trained boar hunters to patrol the streets.

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Vet Carles Conejero, who puts down thousands of boars in Barcelona, blames human beings for feeding the animals.

He warned they now gravitate to populated areas – and are almost impossible to kill.

He added: "I have seen boars be so, so injured, and still just walking along like it’s fine.

"Cars can only kill them if they can break their pelvic bone in a collision. I’ve seen one walking along with its entire liver hanging out."

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