I called my baby Imagine – but it’s not pronounced how you’d expect

  • An anonymous mother named her baby Imagine, but it’s pronounce ‘Em-ah-jen’
  • The unusual moniker was shared on Reddit, where people criticised the choice
  • Some noted that the child is likely to have problems as a result of their odd name
  • While others were baffled by why it is spelt Imagine and not simply Emma-Jen 

A mother has been blasted after revealing that she called her baby Imagine – but saying that the name has an unusual pronunciation.

The woman’s baby name choice was posted on Reddit by an anonymous forum user, where other users criticised the choice.

According to the post, while the name is spelt ‘Imagine’, it is supposed to be said as ‘Em-ah-jen’.

Sharing the unusual moniker, the poster described it as ‘the worst one I’ve seen this week’, adding that ‘the pronunciation is even worse’.

A mother has been criticised for calling her baby Imagine, which she says is pronounced ‘Em-ah-jen’ (stock image)

Responding to the post, forum users agreed that the name was likely to cause issues due to being so unusual.

One person wrote: ‘You can’t just name your kid a regular word and say it’s pronounced completely different?!???? You can’t….????’

To which another responded: ‘Well seeing as the whole world revolves around them specifically yes they can and you’ll just have to deal with it, oh and they’re not letting it slide if you mispronounce it either I feel like people who name their kids like this do it partly as a ticket to get upset and correct people all the time.’

Forum users took to the post to share their views on the name, with some saying that the child would have problems as a result of the moniker

Meanwhile, another noted that the child may suffer as a result of having the unusual name.

They wrote: ‘They’ve consigned Imagine to a lot of future problems. From her first day of kindergarten, she’s going to have to correct her teachers, substitutes, administrators, and anyone else who reads her name out. (I know what I’m talking about; my own name has five letters, and has been mangled endlessly.) It doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but it’s going to get really tiresome for Imagine.’

And others said the mother could have adopted the more standard spelling of ‘Imogen’.

One wrote: ‘Imogen was right there.’

For many, it was the spelling of the moniker, when compared to how the parents want people to pronounce it, that was most baffling about the choice

Another responded: ‘Was this supposed to be Imogen but they didn’t know how to spell it? Ooooof.’

For others, it was the spelling of the moniker that was most baffling.

One wrote: ‘They also could have just gone with Emahjen?’

Another added: ‘That’s a funny way of spelling Emma-Jen?’

And a simply wrote: ‘Emma Jean?’

Meanwhile another simply expressed their view by adding: ‘Oh no.’ 

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