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    Artwork from one of the most notorious prisoners in British history is on sale for £2,000.

    One of Charles Bronson's 'masterpieces' has popped up on sale on eBay, with the graphic sketch displaying him protruding from a woman's vagina in an apparently twisted version of his birth.

    The piece, titled "Insanity", shows a woman – presumably his mother – grimacing in labour as Bronson is pushed from the womb with his adult features, including his distinctive moustache, on display.

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    His mother is depicted as saying "get out you crazy b******" as insects swarm above the surreal scene with messages on their wings reading "Welcome to hell", The birth of madness" and "born mad".

    Written over the artwork, which is unlikely to be seen in the Tate anytime soon, Bronson writes: "God it was dark in there. But so warm and peaceful! If it wasn't for the dark and isolation, I would return right now!"

    There are also strange mollusk-like creatures hatching from their eggs and spiders crawling their way towards him.

    The seller writes on the page: "This is An Original Piece of Artwork by Charles Salvador AKA Charles Bronson. Hand drawn by Charlie himself.

    "This is a one of a kind piece that will increase in value in years to come. As you can see in the picture you can see the Crease marks where Charlie has had to fold it to send it out to his son George Bamby-Salvador."

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    "Sometimes the prison staff will make Charlie scribble out his signature or he has to send it out without a signature so this having 3 is unique."

    The prisoner is a famous "outsider artist" and his previous works have fetched considerable sums at auction in the past.

    Bronson, who changed his name to Charles Arthur Salvador in 2014 in homage to Spanish art legend Salvador Dali, is famed for his violence in prison, having taken numerous prisoners and guards hostage resulting in him receiving a life sentence.

    The numbers 2020 can be seen on the back of the piece, so the art appears to be a relatively recent endeavour.


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