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    Conspiracy theorists are claiming they have proof of time travel after they allegedly spotted a piece of modern-day tech in an ancient painting.

    The painting in question dates back a staggering 2,500 years and featured on a vase, with conspiracy nuts claiming that the piece shows an "ancient Greek laptop".

    It piles on as further "proof" of time travel, conspiracy theorists believe, with the ancient Greek tombstone from 100BC allegedly showing someone using a laptop.

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    Whether or not the pencil in their hand was for use on the so-called laptop is unknown, but historical revisionists are adamant of the time-travelling "proof" featured on the pot, the Sun reports.

    A rather mad theory has claimed that the pottery piece is proof of time travel and the possibilities of moving backwards and forwards in time.

    The painting is nearly 3,000 years old yet according to some conspiracy theorists it actually shows a Greek man using a "laptop" in one hand and a stylus in the other.

    Even Greek technology appears to be limited though, as the so-called laptop features a startling lack of USB ports.

    Speaking in a video uploaded to their conspiracy channel, user Still Speaking Out said that the pottery showcases "an astonishing object that resembles a modern laptop or handheld device".

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    They continued: "When I look at the sculpture I can’t help but think about the Oracle of Delphi, which was supposed to allow the priests to connect with the gods to retrieve advanced information."

    An archeologist has since rubbished the laptop claims, with Kristina Killgrove saying it is much more likely a wax tablet used for writing at the time.

    She added that the holes in the side of the tombstone carving could have held wooden objects which have since rotted away.

    For now, though, it remains unlikely that the object was a laptop, as many conspiracy theorists are alleging.

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