‘Constipated’ woman given laxatives by doctors gives birth to surprise baby

A woman was astonished when she thought she needed a poo but it turned out to be a baby.

Juliana Brasileiro, 25, was suffering from severe stomach pains which she thought was trapped wind.

The pain was so intense that she was admitted to hospital and doctors told her that she was likely suffering from severe constipation.

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She was given a powerful laxative and then sent home again in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

However the next day brought more pain and misery as she was still suffering.

That was when her mother-in-law suggested she should see a gynaecologist as soon as possible, as clearly the laxatives weren't working.

Within minutes, the consultant diagnosed her pregnancy and ordered her to go to the hospital emergency ward as she was about to give birth.

It turned out that she was actually already 40 weeks into her shock pregnancy.

The surprised mum later gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who they called Marina Tostes.

Juliana said: "I burst into tears, I'm glad my husband was with me."

The couple shared their bizarre story on TikTok, where they quickly notched up millions of views.

She also welcomed her new daughter to the world on Instagram, as she wrote: "'Daughter, you are still too young to understand the world in which you fell from your parachute.

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"It came quietly, and showed that life is literally a little box of surprises."

Juliana – who works as an administrative assistant – said it was a double surprise because she already had a child and yet had not noticed the signs of a second pregnancy.

She said she had suffered none of the problems of the previous pregnancy and therefore had simply not realised.

She said: "I simply didn't notice anything, and that's how Marina came into the world, without any warning, with absolutely nothing prepared."

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