Amy Childs gives tour of glam Essex pad complete with five chandeliers and huge orangery

TOWIE star Amy Childs and boyfriend Billy Delbosq have given OK! readers an exclusive look at their lush Essex pad.

The glam house is also home to Amy's two children from previous relationships, daughter Polly, five, and four-year-old son Ritchie.

Amy and Billy are currently expecting their first children together as the TV star is pregnant with twins.

The soon to be mum-of-four, 32, was in high spirits as she welcomed OK! into her beautiful Essex home, which she had previously lived in with just her two children until boyfriend Billy, 39, moved in about a year ago.

Amy first gives us a look at her relaxed living room where she and Billy spend many evenings togethers.

"This is where we spend alot of the time, evenings, just chilling out" says Billy, with Amy adding that they watch a lot of: "Netflix, films, and obviously reality TV."

"This is the first room that we ever did out first thing on TOWIE" remarks Billy.

To which Amy joked: "Oh my god yes you were massaging my feet."

Showing of the room's decor, including some Valentine's flowers, the couple reveal that this year Billy actually forgot about the romantic holiday.

"So Bill actually forgot Valentine's Day but the next he went and got me Valentine's flowers" explained Amy, before adding: "Who forgets Valentine's Day? Who actually forgets it?"

They couple then reveal that the upstairs has been recently renovated in preparation for the arrival of their twins.

The first newly renovated room they show off is Amy's daughter's Polly, whom she had with ex-boyfriend Bradley Wright, who has no contact with either his ex or child.

Polly's room is decorated with cute blocks of her name, and a Princess style canopy bed, that looks as though it could be out of Cinderella.

Amy does not show son Richie's room, whom she tends to keep of social media and who does not appear on TOWIE or any other shows, as per and agreement with his father.

Amy and Billy then show off their own, rather minimalist, bedroom which they will share with their soon to be newborn twins.

"This house is really cosy it's just got such a lovely feel about this house. I've been here for seven years but obviously Bill moving in you've just made it special now" says Amy.

"And we do love our Essex chandeliers" she jokes, "In every Essex house there is chandeliers."

And it certainly seems true for Amy and Billy, whose home boasts multiple chandeliers, with Billy commenting that they're in almost every room.

Next Amy and Billy show off their orangery, which Amy describes as her "favourite room in the house."

"Do you know what? It's great for selfies first of all, great lighting" she says, with Billy adding: "Yeah, I love this space. In the summer it's an absolutely amazing space, you've got the doors open and just straight out into the garden.

"And as you can see we do love our candles as well."

Amy interjects: "We've got an obsession with candles. We've got candles burning every single night and we love it, don't we?"

Showing off some candles from The Little Candle Kitchen, the happy couple reveal that this is their favourite brand.

Moving to the kitchen Amy says: "This is Bill's favourite place, he's always in the kitchen, he's an amazing cook."

"It's the heart of the home," he responds, "we love cooking, we love being in the kitchen, we love eating food. It's where we spend most of our time."

"There's a little TV there" Amy says as she points off-camera: "So we watch a bit of TV, do a bit of cooking.

"Obviously me being pregnant now, can't have a little glass of prosecco, but usually, a little glass of prosecco."

"Lets take a look in the fridge" announces Billy, as the pair show off their well-stocked fridge.

Speaking to her boyfriend, Amy says: "So first of all, you are very soy milk, no sugar, coconut soy milk."

Billy says that their food tends to have "a lot of spice, we love spicy food. Protein, because I do love a protein pudding at the moment."

"We've got the champagne of course. A lovely bit of fruit."

Amy then adds: "We love a bit of our collage that we take everyday, great for the baby, all my vitamins are in here.

And Bill takes it as well as he thinks he's pregnant as well," she jokes.

"Hope you've enjoyed the tour of the house" finishes Billy.

Amy says: "We've loved having you but we need time for us now, feet up, maybe a foot massage."


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