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A couple has been left spooked after their home security cameras caught ghoulish orbs flying around their kitchen.

Eva Echo and her partner, Pippa first noticed the mysterious light shapes when they first moved into their home in Rowley Regis, Black Country.

The activity seemed to simmer out for a while but they have since returned in hair-raising footage caught on cameras installed around the house.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Eva said: "We first noticed orbs in our kitchen earlier this year, in April. We thought they were just dust particles being picked up by the camera.

"It was only restricted to the kitchen. At the same time, I kept smelling cigarette smoke whenever I was in the house but neither of us smoked.

"Pippa couldn’t smell it either, just me. I could smell it most in the bedroom or kitchen.

"We’d keep seeing these ghoulish orbs on the camera for a couple of weeks and then they just suddenly stopped. Around that time, I stopped smelling smoke too.

"A few weeks after we realised it coincided with around the time we moved into the house last year.

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"All we know about the previous occupant was that she was an elderly person who died, which is why the house became available."

While the pair started are trying to keep calm they said it's "so easy to jump to the supernatural."

The 41-year-old posted the images to her Instagram for her followers to decide what they were, with some suggesting spirits and fireflies – or that Jesus has come to visit.

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"A few nights ago, something set off the camera in the hallway. When I checked, I saw a bright blob of light. I thought someone was shining a torch through the front door, but it wasn’t," she added.

"It was much brighter than any of the previous orbs. I checked for the previous few days and found that there had been faint orbs/light streaks appearing in the hallway too.

"Up till that point, the hallway camera has never picked up anything like that since the day we moved in."

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