A man is said to have killed his roommate's ferrets with a BB gun told cops he flew into a rage after he believed one of them was 'laughing' at him.

Levi Arneberg, 27, also said to police that he slaughtered Maurice Guski's furry animals because they "smelled like s**t", according to court documents in Minnesota, United States.

He is accused of shooting the four ferrets ten times and was caught by an eyewitness dumping their bodies in an alleyway, according to The Smoking Gun.

Court documents also state that police found blood on the walls and stairs of the flat and in the room where the ferrets were kept.

Upon questioning he is reported to have confessed: “I swear, the thing was laughing and breathing, laughing and breathing and I kept shooting it in the f***ing head”.

Guski, 57, revealed to police that he and Arneberg had argued over living arrangements the evening before the incident, and he had received a threat to harm the pets during the exchange.

Arneberg allegedly said: “It would be bad if one of them were hurt. Get the fuck out!”

His complaint also stated that the row also involved Arneberg claiming that Guski had “too much of his personal property in their shared space”.

In the court documents, the roommate also described his sentimental attachment to the small mammals, recalling that they were "emotional support animals" that call "helped with my anxiety after I had a stroke almost three years ago."

He had previously owned a rescue shelter for ferrets.

Arneberg was arrested on four counts of animal cruelty, which carries a maximum sentence of a year in prison in the state.

He is now being held at St. Louis County jail with a bail charge of $20,000 (£15,000), with the court report roughly equating this to a total of “$5000 for each deceased ferret”.

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