A time-savvy dad has been slammed as "lazy" after he shared his festive life hack of serving Christmas lunch up in disposable tin foil baking trays online.

Deciding there were better things to do on Christmas day than pull out the good plates and then wash them up, the Aussie father quite simply replaced plates with tin foil trays as part of the table setting.

His wife and children then loaded up their trays with food, and once demolished, the trays were thrown away, saving time and energy spent on cleaning up.

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The man's wife posted pictures of the life hack on social media, admitting it was a crazy idea, however it appears the family liked eating off tin trays as they decided to do it for another year running, reports The Mirror.

Although the family enjoy the simplicity of eating from disposable trays in Christmas, the idea has drawn criticism from members of the public, reports DailyMail.

One mum said: "I like doing the table up nice for the children, to make it special for them – but could do it as a joke one year when they are older."

Another woman scoffed: "This ends up in landfill I presume. It doesn't take long to wash a few plates – get the family involved. Get the family involved and use the pretty plates instead of this."

A third person agreed: "My thoughts exactly – if everyone did this it would be so bad for the environment. Takes two minutes to wash a few plates", while a fourth person said: "No, no, no – I wouldn't eat off tin foil. So lazy."

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However, not everyone hates the idea.

One person thanked the dad for sharing, describing the idea as "their kind of heaven", while another person said: "Might have to do this the way my toddler keeps smashing plates – she has plastic ones but gets hold of ours."

Another woman appeared to be doing something similar, saying: "It works well for us because it means what's not eaten from the buffet is taken home in everyone's containers."

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