Desperate mum offered businessman her liver in exchange for getting son a job

A mum was so desperate to get her son a job that she promised to donate part of her liver.

And shockingly, the offer was accepted – yet the transplant never took place because the woman caught Coronavirus.

The anonymous woman in her 50s has now been fined by the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea for breaching the Organ Transplant Act.

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According to local reports, the woman had heard that the chairman of a “sizable” company in the construction industry was ill and had been looking for a liver donor for a transplant.

The woman, known in court as Ms K, offered the man her liver in exchange for around £60,000 and a job for her son – which he agreed to.

But at the start of March, shortly before the transfer was set to take place, she tested positive for Coronavirus and the organ transplant was cancelled.

The strange deal was uncovered after it emerged she claimed to be the man's daughter-in-law when questioned by the National Institute of Organ, Tissue and Blood management.

In court this week, the woman claimed she did not known she was breaking organ trafficking laws and asked for leniency – which appears to have been ignored as she was fined around £18,700.

She said: “I thought my son would be able to get a job if the operation was a success.

“I also got greedy because they promised to give me money.”

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The company chairman, identified as Mr N, was given a six month prison sentence suspended for two years, while another person was given a one-year jail term with no suspension.

A court spokesman said: “Organ removal and transplant is strictly prohibited by law in light of the fact that it can undermine public health and endanger the health and lives of both the donor and the recipient when conducted illegally.

“Since the defendants’ actions are in violation of this, they cannot avoid punishment under criminal law.

“We took into account the mild extent of her participation in the crime and the fact that she wasn’t paid as promised after her surgery was delayed due to her diagnosis with COVID-19.”

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