Porn star turned boxer Elle Brooke has revealed who her dream one night stand would be, telling her Instagram followers it would be "funny as f**k".

The OnlyFans star has once again opened the floor to her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to quiz her on absolutely anything.

Questions yesterday evening (Thursday, December 22) ranged from whether she would date a bald man, how important height is when looking for a lover and what her five year plan is.

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She was also asked who her dream one night stand would be, and her answer was surprising.

"Hmm, good question. The number one person that comes to my head is Seth Rogan, I don't know why, I just think it would be funny as f**k! And just a vibe."

Many of the questions revolved around her boxing bout coming up next month, with many admirers eager to hear how training is going, and what her expectations are for the fight.

Elle also reveals just how much boxing star Ebanie Bridges inspires her, describing the professional as "sexy but also an absolute animal in the ring".

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One awkward question in particular received a brutal response from Elle. "Do you think your mum and dad are proud of you?," a follower asked.

The Manchester City mega fan answered: "So my dad is dead and my mum is extremely proud of me so that's all I need, validation complete."

Other things people wanted to know included whether Elle preferred a "big fat curry or a Chinese", spoiler alert, an Indian takeaway wins every day of the week for her.

Among the seemingly more sincere questions was: "What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're in a bad mood?"

It's fair to say that Elle's reply wasn't what many were expecting.

"I know it sounds weird," she opened. "But if I'm in a bad mood I cry to cheer myself up. Like I f***ing love like wallowing in my self-pity and feeling sorry for myself, like it's a really bad habit if I'm going to be honest with you.

"As soon as I'm sad then I cry and then it makes me feel even better crying but then also worse. Make it make sense."


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